M.C. was Born
in Trieste some forty years ago. He practices several ball-oriented sports alternating them to the study of classics and the humanities, then he suddenly turns to architecture: studying, mounting exhibitions, creating page layouts, and, above all, photographing it. He can claim many pregistigious collaborations, the most important being the one with Valeria, which so far has produced their three children. A professional photographer since 1997, he has achieved photographic campaigns for boards and institutions and many travel and current affaires reportages in Italy and Northern Europe for the leading weekly magazines "Io Donna" and "Case da Abitare". He has worked for many important architectural firms and magazines (Casabella, Abitare, the Plan)
and for communication firms and industries mainly operating in the field of design (Arper, Foscarini, Estel, Tacchini Italia, Cesar) or for top-class brands such as Illycaffè and Aboca. Since 2007 he is a regular collaborator of Mondadori Electa publishing house for which he worked at a photographic campaign on the world's most important museums of contemporary art, and among other things on Casabella eightieth anniversary cdelebrating book as well as on a volume on the fifth centenary of Andrea Palladio's birth. Always torn between irredeemable instants and the saving grace, he has ended up with stopping "on the threshold of the moment", coming across with a perfectly contemporary sense of displacement and bad timing. PbJC